With seasoned and passionate professionals, our event agency offers a wide range of event services, from music festivals and sports events to corporate gatherings, team building retreats, gastronomy-focused offerings, all spiced up with live communication, brand activation, and so much more.

We understand your organization’s vision is bolstered by each seamlessly executed event. Our mission is not just to help you succeed, but also to deliver event services and distinctive solutions that you do not even dream about.

Venue sourcing

Venue sourcing

We have successfully organized numerous events in Budapest and throughout Hungary in a variety of venues including hotels, event halls, open-air settings and more. Our extensive network of host venues allows us to tailor the perfect solution for your upcoming event and ensure its success.
Some of our favourites venues: Millenáris Park, Várkert Bazár, Szépművészeti Múzeum (Museum of Fine Arts), Hősök tere (Heroes’ Square)

Supplier management

With 15 years of experience in the industry, we have cultivated an extensive network of professionals ranging from the industry’s largest technical suppliers to the most unique and skilled craftsmen. Over the years, we have undertaken extraordinary challenges, sourcing everything from hot air balloons to exclusive race cars, and cutting-edge decor solutions to create exceptional event experiences.

Supplier management
Program planning

Program Planning, Speaker Coordination, Booking

When crafting your event program, we pay meticulous attention to every minute detail, taking into account the nuances that others might overlook. Our strong relationship with multi-lingual speakers and hosts, coupled with our expertise, allows us to seamlessly secure local or international speakers and musical bands to elevate your event to the next level.

Production, Staging, Audio, Video and Lighting

When it comes to the technical aspects of your event, choosing the right suppliers is crucial to avoid potential disasters. We work with the most seasoned and capable technical suppliers, united by our shared commitment to achieving a common goal: delivering a high-quality and awe-inspiring event. Whether it is crafting intricate lighting designs, creating captivating stage branding, or managing backstage operations, we carefully coordinate every detail both on and off stage to ensure the success of your event.


Logistics, Travel, Accommodation

Our strong partnerships play a pivotal role in efficiently handling the transport and coordination of large numbers of guests, seamlessly managing airport arrivals and departures, and overseeing various aspects of crowd management. In addition, our well-established rapport with hotels extends beyond room reservations to encompass comprehensive meeting and event management, ensuring that every facet of your guests’ stay is meticulously managed.

Decoration, Branding, Print production

Leveraging our solid foundation in advertising, print production becomes a seamless task for us. However, when it comes to more complex challenges, we are fully equipped to assist. Whether it’s crafting a giant Christmas ribbon or providing comprehensive stage branding for a corporate event, you can be confident that we have got it under control.


Invitation and Registration Services

We offer a versatile range of invitation and registration solutions to suit your preferences. Whether you lean towards the convenience of modern digital methods or the timeless charm of traditional paper-based invitations, we are committed to providing a service that precisely aligns with your expectations. If you opt for a digital approach, we can create and manage sophisticated electronic invitations and registration systems. This includes designing personalized e-invitations, setting up online registration portals, and seamlessly integrating RSVP tracking. Our digital solutions are not only efficient, but also environmentally friendly, reducing paper waste while ensuring a smooth registration process for your guests.

On-Site Event Management and Execution

The art of executing an event can be likened to conducting a symphony orchestra. Just as each instrument must chime in the right place at the right time, our expertise lies in seamlessly orchestrating all the elements. We excel at ensuring that every minuscule detail, every tiny cog, is meticulously positioned and ready to perform exactly when the moment arrives. Our mastery lies in crafting events that harmoniously resonate with your vision and unfold flawlessly and leave a lasting impression on your audience.



Catering is one of the most sensitive parts of events and one of the major details of the experience that guests will remember – whether it is really good or really bad. That is why we always want to understand the exact expectations of our clients so that we can deliver the best catering solution for the event. From food trucks through BBQs to fine dining and molecular catering – we have done it all.


Whether you are organizing an all-day festival or a high-profile conference featuring renowned speakers, our expertise extends to collaborating with trusted security partners to create a comprehensive security plan. Together, we will develop a tailored and effective security concept to ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees, seamlessly integrated with the unique requirements of your event.
Your peace of mind is our priority.

Project management

Project management

From the initial briefing to the final moments when the event leaves a lasting impression, our dedicated team will meticulously plan and execute every facet of your event. We are committed to ensuring that every detail is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, allowing you to have complete confidence in the seamless delivery of your event from start to finish.

Budget, Financial management, Administration

Our expertise extends to the efficient management of large event budgets. We excel at finding the delicate balance between our clients’ budgetary constraints and the offerings of our suppliers. In each case, we have successfully bridged these two critical parameters, resulting in the seamless execution of events that meet both financial expectations and deliver exceptional results. Our adept financial management and administrative skills ensure that your event remains a resounding success within the specified financial parameters.

Project management